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Truth-Empowered Communication 

WORKSHOP: Employees get tools and techniques that will supercharge their ability to create and maintain fulfilling relationships. Attendees report increased emotional intelligence (EQ), lower stress and more confidence with interpersonal communication.

$499 | two-hour interactive virtual workshop
(for up to ​50 individuals)

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In the first half-hour, we discuss telling the truth in relationships: what it is, why we resist it, what the stakes are and how authenticity can lead to richer relationships, increased self-confidence and improved mental health.



In the next half-hour, we talk about noticing what you're feeling, thinking, needing and wondering: why it can fuel more fulfilling conversations and a deeper understand of yourself, and how to do it.



In the third half-hour, we learn how to express ourselves with clarity, sensitivity and respect, how that kind of communication can get us heard and understood, and how it's far more likely to get us what we need.



In the final half-hour, we'll discover all the ways we get in our own way when it comes to listening, how people give clues when they communicate, and how to follow those clues to create more depth and intimacy.

1:1 SESSIONS: Immersive hour-long sessions which take a deeper dive into the tools and techniques of Truth-Empowered Communication: learning them, and applying them to your life. Expected outcome: increased EQ and more highly developed leadership capabilities.

"80-90% of the competencies that differentiate top performers are in the domain of emotional intelligence."

— Daniel Goleman

$99 | 1:1 session
$299 | Package of four 
1:1 sessions

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