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Truth Empowered Relationships

The extreme intimacy game  that will change the way you experience love and life.

Unguard your hearts—and empower your relationship.

Featured Life Coach

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Interpersonal Coach. |. Resensitization Coach

Marshall Zweig

Marshall is a Featured Life Coach for Ingomu, where he live-streams with a nationwide interactive community, sharing his life-changing Truth-Empowered Relationships℠: Healing Through Feeling method. Marshall also coaches students through zant, and coaches content moderators challenged by PTSD symptoms through Rebuilding Thoughts.

For organizations, Marshall coaches Authentic Leadership principles using his method. Using his resensitization therapy method—now a recognized modality by the International Association of Therapists—Marshall also develops high-potential employees' EQ—which unlocks their true potential.


Marshall has been an interpersonal coach since 2003, and an intimacy and resensitization coach since 2017. Marshall has a BBA from the University of Michigan, and diplomas in coaching and organizational psychology from Austin Peay University.


In couples coaching, we spend the first set of sessions getting grounded in the ground rules (called TERms) of Truth Empowered Relationships℠. Then we start playing the game that will transform your relationship.


Employees get a deep immersion in the benefits and TERms of Truth Empowered Relationships℠, then learn how to apply it to enhance their careers and their lives.


A two-day workshop for up to 50 people. You'll be astonished at how much you can learn by observing others learn the TERms and play the game. Zoom and in-person workshops are both offered.

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