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Truth Empowered Relationships

The extreme intimacy game  that will change the way you experience love and life.

Unguard your hearts—and empower your relationship.


certified master relationship coach

Marshall Zweig

resensitization and intimacy therapist

Hi, I'm Marshall. I created Truth Empowered Relationships. Couples, families and I co-create more authentically intimate relationships together.


My mission, quite simply, is to have more authentic love on this planet. My entire method is explained in a two-session mini-webinar, which you can access for free by clicking the red circle at the top of this page. My instruction manual, a board game and card deck will all be downloadable soon, as will my full 16-session Truth Empowered Relationships webinar.

Should you want to work with me, my role in your relationship will be a combination of Mary Poppins and a referee:


The Mary Poppins part is, I'm here only until you tell me you're ready to create and recreate this deep level of intimacy without me, on your own—which is the way Truth Empowered Relationships is designed, as long as it's what you both want. 


The ref part is, while you play Truth Empowered Relationship, I'm less of a coach and more of a referee—one who's not calling penalties, but instead helping you translate your inner world into open, honest, respectful communication by making sure you adhere to the rules and structure. And I'm not a neutral ref. I'm rooting for both of you. (Or in the case of a family, for all of you.)


I am also the creator of resensitization therapy, which is now a recognized modality by the International Association of Therapists. I'm highly trained and experienced in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and many other of the world's most transformational personal development methods.

I was inspired to create Truth-Empowered Relationships℠ because of challenges I faced as an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) who survived sexual, emotional and psychological traumas. Truth-Empowered Relationships (TER) gamifies principles of clinical ethics, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Authentic Leadership, my own process of resensitization therapy, and a toy chest full of games to help couples lose their minds and come to their senses. The end result: arguments are eliminated, conflicts are opportunities, sensitivity and respect matter, and everyone's empowered to be their fully realized selves.

Though my method is designed for the general population, my coaching is also trauma-informed. So I also coach relationships for content moderators challenged by PTSD-like symptoms.


For organizations, I lead group workshops using my Truth Empowered Relationships method. Attendees report higher scores in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and more confidence in building and nurturing interpersonal relationships. The workshops also serve as enrichment training to develop high-potential employees.

I've been an interpersonal coach since 2002, and an intimacy and resensitization therapist since 2017. I'm a graduate of five years of advanced coaching and leadership training from Personal Growth University. I have diplomas in coaching and organizational psychology from Austin Peay State University, and a master relationship coach certification from Transformation Academy. I also have a BBA from the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business.

I am on this planet to give you the liberating gifts of being yourself in your relationships, and of deeper, richer, more fulfilling intimacy in your life as a result. I appreciate you considering letting me contribute to you.


In couples coaching, we spend the first set of sessions getting grounded in the ground rules (called TERms) of Truth Empowered Relationships℠. Then we start playing the game that will transform your relationship.


A two-day virtual group workshop for up to 15 couples. You'll be astonished at the shifts that can happen in a roomful of couples determined to live more authentically loving lives. Contact me for more info.


One year (25 bi-weekly sessions) of immersive training in Truth Empowered Relationships for couples. We go through my method step by step, learning the common language of radical intimacy.

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